March 28, 2009

Hey, I remember this joint! I used to hang out here all the time...

Long time no post.

Back into the (unpaid) workforce, a few months shy of my credential, boys in basketball and badminton, so my only sporadic posts have been related to the joys of teaching 5th graders...

1st 10 of the random playlist of the evening:

Son Volt, "Too Early"
Page & Plant, "Friends"
The Clancy Brothers, "Whiskey, You're the Divil"
TP & the Heartbreakers, "Insider"
The Judds, "Have Mercy"
Moby, "South Side"
Van Morrison, "Ordinary Life"
John Prine, ""Silent Night All Day Long"
Bill Cosby, "The Apple"
Social D, "Drug Train"