June 29, 2009

post Two-oh-One

Hey, pop the champagne! Just noticed the last post was a big round number: 200.
Too bad it wasn't anything dramatic or even remotely entertaining...

Began my Master's degree courses last week in Digital Learning/Teaching, and as research opened up Skype, Twitter, and a place called unhub.com that is supposed to help tie everything Internet together in one neat connectible package; what it got me to realize is that I have way too many different email accounts and user names and don't visit/use 80% of the sites I sign up with. I need to start eliminating the aliases and cryptic code names (except for on those sites where secrecy and anonymity is essential -- what if a potential employer found out I was a Padre fan?!?!?) and simplify my online life...

For example, do I need 6 blogs? One for student/substitute teaching stuff, 1 for book reviews, 1 for unreadable general ramblings (obviously this one). One for existential angst, queries and rants regarding my immortal soul, and one for motivational and thought-provoking quotes... get the point?

June 27, 2009

June 25, 2009

Mourning Michael

seems like I only post here when someone famous passes away... maybe time to change the blog title? "Inspired? Or just creeped out by death?" maybe "...Or outta body experiences?" any suggestions?

anyway, Michael Jackson has been a thorn in my ears for a long time now -- listening now to the few songs I've allowed on my iTunes reveals the amazing talent, but it's hard to reconcile with the (are they still alleged?) criminal/creepiness charges. Not that Elvis was a saint, and Willie openly partakes in the finest of smoking products, but somehow it was different, and I had a hard time listening to his music.

For today though, an abbreviated playlist, set on repeat and cranked so I know it won't be long until the neighbors start throwing rocks. Or start up a block party/memorial soul train dance...

I Want You Back The Jackson 5

ABC The Jackson 5

The Love You Save The Jackson 5

I'll Be There The Jackson 5

Never Can Say Goodbye The Jackson 5

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town The Jackson 5

Off the Wall Michael Jackson

Rock With You Michael Jackson

Thriller Michael Jackson

Beat It Michael Jackson

Black or White Michael Jackson

Man In the Mirror Michael Jackson

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson

The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson

Bad Michael Jackson

Remember the Time Michael Jackson

June 14, 2009

so this is what relaxed feels like...

It's been too long, but having finished my last credential assignments this morning and the ginormous sigh of relief that followed just exhausted me for the entire day -- if I coulda convinced The Wife to bring my meals to the porch and feed me, I wouldn't have left the lounge chair all day.

As it is, despite having to get up and put my own food in my mouth, I managed to finish one good book and start on another --

The Adrian Mole Diaries -- poor confused Adrian, from age 13 3/4 to 15 and all the family, puberty, school, pimple issues he must face and survive. It's English, and I didn't find the glossary of British terms until the end of the book (the glossary, of course, being at the end of the book), but still quite hilarious. Thanks, Sis.

Catfish and Mandala -- a Vietnamese-American bicycles his way back to Viet Nam and his family's history. so far, so good.

also listening to a Sufjan Stevens (no, not the "Peace Train" guy) CD Come On Feel the Illinoise, which my sons thought was the strangest title ever. That and the paragraph-long song titles/sub-titles...