January 18, 2012

And no offense to any of you!

Is it just me or is 99.99% of Blogger full of Chinese, Christians, and Stay-at-home Moms? It wouldn't take more than ten clicks of the "Next Blog" button to hit the trifecta...

Has Facebook Killed Blogging?

or as the Buggles would say, Facebook Killed the Blogging Star...?

Read Any Good Books Lately?

January 17, 2012

Seven* Authors...

...of Whom I've Read More Than 7 Books They've Authored**
  1. Terry Pratchett (10.5)
  2. John Irving (10)***
  3. Kurt Vonnegut (9)
  4. Douglas Adams (8)
  5. John Steinbeck (8)
  6. Michael Chabon (7)
  7. Anne Rice (7)

* I didn't count the esteemed and beloved Mr. Dahl (18)
** really didn't know how to word that -- I've Read 7 or More Books ByI've Read a Bunch o' Books They've Written ?
*** soon to be the all-time leader, his latest is sitting on the shelf, waiting patiently...

Jan 2012 update: John Irving takes over the top spot with 11, Cormac McCarthy (7), Stephen King (6), and Vonnegut (10) were all added to last year, and I can't believe I missed Elmore Leonard (9 maybe 10?) in the original count (July 2010).