January 17, 2012

Seven* Authors...

...of Whom I've Read More Than 7 Books They've Authored**
  1. Terry Pratchett (10.5)
  2. John Irving (10)***
  3. Kurt Vonnegut (9)
  4. Douglas Adams (8)
  5. John Steinbeck (8)
  6. Michael Chabon (7)
  7. Anne Rice (7)

* I didn't count the esteemed and beloved Mr. Dahl (18)
** really didn't know how to word that -- I've Read 7 or More Books ByI've Read a Bunch o' Books They've Written ?
*** soon to be the all-time leader, his latest is sitting on the shelf, waiting patiently...

Jan 2012 update: John Irving takes over the top spot with 11, Cormac McCarthy (7), Stephen King (6), and Vonnegut (10) were all added to last year, and I can't believe I missed Elmore Leonard (9 maybe 10?) in the original count (July 2010).


Alistair said...

Ian Banks
Ian Rankine
Christopher Brookmyer
CJ Sansom
Bernard Cornwell
John Prebble

Well..... it's the least I could do!


Joel said...

cheers right back at ya! Now to go look up your authors...