September 6, 2007

Coach Dad

Well, my record as head coach stands at 0 - 1.

Then again, seeing as it was a pre-season game, with no officials, and I wasn't officially given the title "Head Coach" even on an interim basis, and 4 out of the other 4 coaches knew what was going on a lot more than I did... besides, it's not about winning, it's all about the kids having fun, right?

We lost. 0 and 1.

No surprise: the boys didn't listen, they didn't pay attention, they forgot what they were supposed to do. Surprise: The whole game was moving, then over, so fast I had no idea what happened and forgot what I was supposed to do. I felt as if I let the boys down by not having them better prepared. And no matter what we're supposed to say about "fun" -- I wanted them to do well, I wanted our team to win, and I want to win this week!

No surprise: they were still not paying any attention in practice today. Surprise: the number of times I'm explaining something to one player and another player walks up and hugs him, or burps or farts, or just falls down on the grass in hysterical laughter. Then we start all over. The boys are working hard though, and most of the time trying hard to play right -- my favorite question is "Did you see me Coach? Did you see me?"

Who's the patron saint for coaches of 6-year old football players?

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