June 9, 2008

Reading List

Legerdemain by James J. Heaphey (2008)

"Legerdemain" (not a word that rolls easily off the tongue...) means sleight of hand, a display of clever skill for deceitful purposes.

Cold War/Middle East military historical memoir... a recollection of espionage activity and political turmoil in post-WWII Morocco -- wasn't sure I would like this at first, not much of a modern history/warfare fan, but there was enough history (Nazis, Anwar Sadat) and it certainly relates well to the muddle of the Middle East (including Western involvement) today, and it's done in a fast-paced style that kept me involved. Some romance, some moral ambiguity, some violence, a little danger and drama, a good read.

A mark of a good book in my eyes is leaving me wanting to get more information about the subject and situation, and "Legerdemain" has piqued my curiosity in regards to Morocco, North Africa during WWII, and the more modern history of Egypt.

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Livvy U. said...

Hello. I can't say I'm going to read 'Legerdemain' now (maybe when I'm 70 and actually have some time on my hands), but a deft, underplayed piece of writing as ever. Hello. I just came to say hello, really, as I haven't been around. So. Hello.