August 15, 2009

Summer Reading, part deux

Okay, obviously this whole "balanced layout" thing escapes me...
The top photo is a Library's parking garage in some city I have forgotten; the rest are books I've gotten through in the past month in addition to some children's books and a (thankfully) short novel called Art Kills that was so awful I don't want to talk about it.
  • Hemingway, it goes without saying but I will anyway, is the epitome of Classic
  • LT & Me is the usual sports-mom rise through adversity to superstar success, but still a wonderful portrait of how a son can be brought up in this rough world to be an outstanding young man; he had the right role model (Walter Payton) and even without his prodigy-like attachment/determination to play football it seems he would turn out okay no matter what he chose to do with his life.
  • Geek Love -- weird, bizarre, a tad disturbing... and a quality, original read, for the most part. "Created" circus freaks developed as deep, whole people, although the parents disappointingly stagnate and fade from the story and the ending is weak, as in what, that's it?
  • Arsonist's Guide... was picked off the shelf due to its title; strange, funny, sad, shallow, full of too many rhetorical questions (paragraphs full of 'em!), but an entertaining beach read...
  • Pirates! Ah, the Pirate Captain and his luxuriant beard, plus Napoleon -- doesn't get much better than that. Hilarious, witty, historically inaccurate, and I highly recommend the entire series (this is the 4th or one of hundreds, depending on which jacket blurb you read)...

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