September 27, 2009

Monsters of Arctic Avett Rockets

I constantly rip out and save album review pages from magazines and newspapers in a feeble attempt to keep musically current; while most of my 1st - 5th grade students haven't progressed beyond cartoon theme ditties or radio pop, my 15 yr old son and the players on my football team constantly refer to acts and tunes I can't even fake my way to knowing.  Of course I never look at the "What's Next" and "Who's Hot" articles until it's too late and they're hopelessly outdated, but once in awhile, such as a while like tonight, I plug all the names into Napster and give it all a listen...

  • Arctic Monkeys: tracks from Crying Lightning and Humbug... (on a scale of 1 to 10 as to whether I would listen to them again*)  7
  • Monsters of Folk: Monsters of Folk -- 8
  • The Bravery: "Slow Poison", very 80's -- 6
  • Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now... only allowed 30 second snippits, but heard the word "vampire" multiple times -- 4
  • Freddy Fender: The Legend of Freddy Fender ...not usually a fan of live albums, but love the Fender -- 6
  • Mason Jennings: Blood of Man  ...a bit Warren Zevon-ish, eh? -- 8.5 (and gaining points every time a song comes up in the rotation)
  • Alicia Keys: "Doesn't Mean Anything" all pop, sweet but no sass, no funk -- 5
  • Karen O. and The Kids: "All Is Love" from the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack ...quirky, cool, the anti-bland Disney pop -- 7
  • Avett Brothers:
  • Boys Like Girls:
  • The Bottle Rockets:
  • Brandi Carlile:

* 1 being "Dang, can't even listen to 20 seconds of that" up to "Who needs coffee, hit the button and buy that song immediately!"


Livvy U. said...

Hello - it's good to drop by... I'm updating my blogroll, it'll appear in a couple of days (am dragging myself into a slightly-more-advanced cyber age) and thought I'd check to see if you're still here - and you are! Hoorah! So there'll be a link again. Hope all well with you -

Joel said...

I am here, sporadically. Thanks for checking, I'll stop in at your place later to see what you've been up to...