February 20, 2010

Is Tiger "Entitled"? Of course he is!

I would think Tiger Woods has enough money -- almost inconceivable amounts that will allow his great-grandchildren to be ridiculously financially secure -- to go with the hubris, ego, selfish, cocky self-centered attitude and mind-set of the alpha male professional athlete* to be able to have the first truly honest public figure after-scandal press conference:

"I am a professional golfer.  I will only answers questions that pertain to the sport of golf and my ability to perform in my chosen profession.  My private life is none of your business.  My family life, my personal actions, my religious beliefs, and my political opinions are absolutely no one's business, unless I make the personal choice to share such aspects of my private life with the general public.  I will not now nor ever answer any questions regarding my personal life with members of the media.  Thank you."

I can understand kowtowing for the paychecks when you're at the bottom of the ladder and trying to struggle your way up, but Tiger personifies "at the top of his game" -- he is one of the most recognizable entities in the entire world, what more could he gain by subjecting himself (and his family) to more public humiliation? 

I wonder how many other top athletes or cultural/political/financial figures wish someone like Tiger Woods would stand up and put an end to this bizarre cycle of crime and public embarrassment, these tawdry displays of tears splashing on dozens of microphones? 

*all desirable and necessary attributes if you want to reach his level of success.  I know I want my star players to act just like this.  Is there a "great" anything or anybody that does not personify these characteristics?

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Livvy U. said...

Hello! Aw, it's so nice to come over here and find you still here... just checking your address for my blog links which I'm finally sorting out for Livvy's Life, and of course want to include you.
Sounds like life is good. I'm glad for you.
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