April 2, 2010

Violence Boycott: Day 1

Just like drying off from the baptism while making out with the pastor's daughter, it didn't take me long to backslide and break my vow of anti-violence purity. Although to be fair, it wasn't a solemn vow or anything, just an ideal to aspire to... ok, ok, so I'm a hypocrite.  But I had to watch Lost, especially this close to the dramatic/traumatic ending of the series.  I have several years of confused viewing invested in this show, and a few more episodes of the smoke monster tossing airplanes full of people around the jungle won't kill hurt cause me discomfort...

So just what did I give up in my quest to be violence-free?

I stopped reading Stephen King's Gunslinger.  I've read a couple of graphic novels based on it, liked the mythology and the weirdness, but before the book was 1/4 way through the "hero" had shot down an entire town of men, women, and children.  Close book, return to Library unfinished.

I deleted The Killers from my daily playlist, but couldn't bring myself to delete them completely -- after all, "Mr. Brightside" "When You Were Young" and "Dustland Fairytale" sound like very anti-violence song titles ("Don't Shoot Me Santa"... not so much) -- absolutely definitely deleted my lone Marilyn Manson track, mainly on the grounds of his looks. Ug.

Other than that, Day 1 had no other clashes  encounters with violence.  Spent the day with the boys at Legoland (don't waste your time/money on the new aquarium) and then read a few Beverly Cleary books.  I already feel a bit more peace-filled. (deep, contented sigh)

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