June 30, 2006

As I was saying...

How does a man measure success?

What becomes of that success, and that man, when his achievements can be erased in an instant, reduced to ashes or rubble no matter how tall the tower and richly appointed the halls, or rendered moot by mere whispers and doubts no matter how pure and stout the heart? What can a man hold in his hands, cradle in his arms, or lift high for all to see where he stood and what he built? Most of our life is wind and sand and water running through our fingers and vanishing at our feet.

the glass must be half empty, cracked twice, and leaking all over the counter tonight...

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twobuyfour said...

Ah, not so. The glass is full, and overflowing with love and happiness. What we create in life and how we measure our success is not in the physical trappings that we amass. It's in the love we share and the things we teach to our offspring. It's in the joy we share with our friends and it's in the compassion we show to strangers. Those things don't dissappear. They live on. Nothing can obliterate them.

I am not a follower of Christ like you are, but (for better or worse) the teachings of that man have lived on and continue to ripple 2006 years later.

It's in the way your kid smiles just like you do. It's in the way your kids' friends at school who don't even know you have learned things from your kids which you taught them. (Did that sentence make sense?)

We're all like pepples thrown in a pond. Our lives ripple and reverberate through others' lives, continually spreading out to touch everyone.