August 21, 2006

Starting Over

After the countdown: not a blast-off as much as a slow fizzle, fits and starts, a puttering about at the speed barely above inert. Moss is growing on my north wing.

Whether I am ready for school or not, school is ready for me: Math tomorrow, Spanish Wed, and Azusa Pacific (go Cougars!) next Tuesday. The biggie is Azusa, degree program and all that, and I already have homework (see "my autobiography"). So why am I not doing my homework? Why have I not opened the Spanish book I picked up last week to get a head start (cabeza principio)? I could blame Reggie Bush -- Cowboys 3, Saints 0 -- but it's probably genetic. Thanks folks.

For some reason I just don't feel confident enough I really can or should do this. What do I know about teaching? What do I know about kids, except my own uglies? Deep down I KNOW I can teach, I feel I should teach. I'm not worried about a hard road getting there, I just think most people will be in the fast lane with a lot more extras on the vehicle. So... I guess I should do some homework.


work in progress said...

Here's the thing about the fast lane: you don't notice the little things because they're going by too damned fast. Those people in the slow lane have had enough life experience that they're paying attention to the small things, the important things. Keep in mind that the extras are all fluff. They cost too much, and they're not all they're cracked up to be.

I know you live in SoCal and maybe it will be easier for you, but Spanish was really difficult for me...good luck! Or, Buena Suerte (or whatever)

twobuyfour said...

Hey, screw homework! Relax. Take it easy. You can always buy the Cliff's Notes (or Jefe's Notas?) later in the semester. Wanna go catch the Padres kick the snot out of the Dodgers?