September 21, 2006

Reading List

So a friend says my fave book is Hitchhiker's...Galaxy and I started thinking his info is about 20 years old, but that's what happens when you know someone a loooooong time. We should send out updated info sheets every few years, just to keep friends and family updated -- you all should know I do like asparagus now* and I stopped liking the Dodgers around 1990 -- there are things that don't come up in casual conversation at a kid's birthday party, and before you can say Footloose it ain't 1984 anymore. We're old now, our parents are even older. People change. Yes, there are classics, you can quote Caddyshack until you're 80, but I hope none of you are sporting a skinny tie and crankin' up Whitesnake. Ok, maybe once in a while. When it comes on randomly. On the radio, not on your "Bitchin' Tunes" playlist.

Anyway, the point was just what is my favorite book? Which leads to just what does "favorite book" mean -- favorite of all time, greatest book ever written? The one book to have on a desert island? Favorite book as a child? Most influential book? The book I cannot wait to give to my son(s) and hope like hell they like it so I don't feel stupid building up what a cool/important book it is?

... Help me out here: what is the criteria for

Hey, what's your favorite book?

*and there is no way in hell I like asparagus, I don't see how you people can eat that slimey stringy stuff. But I'd eat it before I'd ever eat brussell sprouts again. or eggplant. or lima beans. My Mom was mean.

A Primate's Memoir Robert M. Sapolsky
All The King's Men Robert Penn Warren
the 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear Walter Moers
bizarre, too long by 300, mebbe 400 pages, but the drawings crack me up
Hit List Lawrence Block


twobuyfour said...

I think the term "favorite book" is just as ambiguous as "favorite song" for all the reasons you listed, and more. I'll think about my top 10 list and get back to you.

That being said, "The Grapes of Wrath" would most probably be my #1. Offhand I think the only other thing that comes close is the Calvin & Hobbes super anthology.

Rodsaw said...

Pick a favorite book? That reminds me of the time that 2x4 and I started listing our favorite movie. I stopped at about 35 just depends on what the mood is. Regardless, here's a few of my favorite no particular order.

Catch 22
Hitchhikers Guide trilogy
Without Remorse
The Runaway Jury

But my favorite lately has been CCNA Certification Library. Well, not exactly a favorite, but what I have been reading.

Rodsaw said...

By the way...I would eat lima beans before asparagus, but I agree with the rest of the list. Don't forget, bananas are the devil's fruit, and we have chairs

JK said...

So which would you rather read over and over while sipping coconut juice? Which would give you the largest smile and sense of pride when your progeny quotes from it? Steinbeck's in my top 3, but gotta go w/ the boy and his cat in that debate.