September 13, 2006

school daze too

Hey, just found #3's missing shoes!

Can't blame the child, the shoe-burying avalanche was comprised of his Father's desk overflow: algebra problem scratch paper, file folders, bills, ESPN the Magazine, post-it notes (used and tossed to the side until I really really really need them), notebooks, dictionaries, Charlotte's Web, post-it notes (unused but I can never pull just one from the pad, there are always at least 17 others desperately clinging to the one I want), catalogs, newspapers, most of our cereal bowls, scotch tape (for sticking notes to my computer: "find that post-it!!!), lists of things I needed to to do 2 weeks ago, lists of songs I need to add to iTunes, lists of stuff due tomorrow, shopping lists (post-it notes...), and several blank calendar/organizers.

I suppose a little cleaning and organizing would improve the academic atmosphere, or would it just be another bout of procrastination? Haven't touched my algebra in 6 days, but did bueno on the Spanish test today. No, I still have no idea what you're saying, but if you point to a clock I can tell you what. time. it. is. Or was, 8 minutes ago when you asked. Azusa: great food, wonderful people, I have no clue how to write an autobiography. Gonna just copy one from the library, change a few names and dates, and get the family to rehearse their lies in case anyone calls to check details.


twobuyfour said...

Ah... just like high school. Procrastination and distraction. I majored in those. Any cute girls in your class?

JK said...

I was going to say the hottest babe I see is during my online algebra class, but didn't want to give the wrong impression. I'm refering to the Wife, of course, not anyone I have to pay for. Not that I don't pay in other ways. So: not one I need to turn on. Wait, that doesn't work either. As I was saying, there are absolutely no cute girls in any of my classes.

Anonymous said...

what! you jerk. no cute girls in your class?!

JK said...

Um... since this is an "anonymous" comment I can only assume it is one of the extremely adorably cute girls in my class, and you must know I meant in my other classes there are no cute girls. None whatsover.