November 29, 2006

"hence the title"

"Inspired" because I felt I could/should/want to be a teacher. Like wise Shrek and his onion, the reasons are many and do include, in all honesty, not working during the summer months and on Christmas Eve.

The "outta my %#$@*&!# mind" is a room full of loud, goofy, wiggling 4th graders all doing 10 different loud goofy things to not look at or listen to the tall nervous Dad standing at the front of the classroom. While my classmates, experienced aides and tutors etc., talk each week of the students they are involved with or the discussions they had with teachers, I try to work in a "once, on a field trip..." but usually, meekly, just bite my lip in anxiety and dread.

But today, drumroll please, I taught my first class. In a classroom. Full of kids. The loud goofy wiggling ones I think I mentioned. Ok, it was only for 20 minutes. And it was only art* -- angled lines and circles slightly resembling a plastic bottle, quickly deteriorating into abstract doodles or fish. But it was my first kinda teacher-like thing. I lived. It was cool.

Then the teacher had me haul some books and unpack boxes.

Gotta start somewhere.

*"only art" is a term of endearment, my future sister-in-law.


twobuyfour said...

Atta boy! I am bursting with pride right now! Sure it was "only art" but it's all about getting experience and taking your first step.

It takes practice to figure out that they're not going to hurt you, and that they'll almost always do what you tell them. That's how they're programmed. I don't know if they covered this in class, but kids are like horses. Each one might be magnificent in its own right, but they have a herd mentality. Control the herd and it will control itself.

work in progress said...

Nice save..."only art" *grumbles*

But seriously...good for you! I ran an art therapy group with 15 adolesects in a psychiatric facility the other day, ALONE!!! And I survived! I understand the elation, and I'm really happy for you!