November 24, 2006

You livia in Bolivia?

I have to do a report on Bolivia -- all I know of the country is "Bolivian marching powder" from Bright Lights, Big City, and it's where Butch and Sundance tried to retire in peace... and from what I've read so far, they have a revolt or a coup, sometimes both, every 6 months.

And now I've learned to never trust the Spanish translations on Wikipedia (or prob. any other site as well) -- glad I noticed the slightly out of context mention of a certain nightmare-inducing children's television character before I stood up in class for the oral presentation: aquivocarse mando al libertador a caballo hasta asia, el cual aprovecho y libero tal pais de los teletubbies. cuando volvio, aplico las mismas estrategias para liberar...

Now I may be wrong, por que yo no se most of the other words either, but I think someone's messin' with my head, and my grade.


twobuyfour said...

I'm not much help in the multiligual classroom. My kids are in their third and fifth year of Spanish, and probably speak as well as any Hispanic kid half their age. I on the other hand, really only remember a few slang terms and curse words picked up from living in a multilingual society in San Diego. There are a few things I remember from Flash's Spanish classes in high school, but most of them are nouns. Rooms of the house and fruits and numbers. Plus foods and beverages.

If I ever get to the Pearly Gates and everything is in Spanish I'm going to have to hang around outside until someone I know comes along who can translate for me.

Karmyn R said...

WHOA - yup, that Tinky Winky sure jumps out at you, doesn't it.

I wish I remember more of my 3yrs of highschool spanish to translate, but afraid my brain has discarded that information to make room for other more trivial things.