January 19, 2007

bunk beds

Another example of quality writing, and not only because he mentions me....


My boys all sleep in the same funky stinky snorey room: #2 on the top bunk where he has built himself a little old lady's cocoon of pillows and blankets, stuffed animals and special treasures, library books we can never find, and 83 dirty socks... another few years he'll have a wet bar, hot plate, cheerleader -- we'll never get him down; #3 has the bottom bunk, kept clear and clean due to the nightly Moses impersonation, parting the sea of legos, cars, books and blankets to the floor to be stubbed/kicked/stepped on by me at 7am the next morning or into the crack between bed and wall, where they disappear into the chasm never to be seen again... unfortunately, another likely location of many library books; #1 isn't a full-time resident, so now that he he out-grew the dresser drawer, we slide him underneath the bunk bed.

...and they talk. They talk and talk and have great important discussions in the dark. Or not so important, but the sillier they get the louder the giggles get, so I can give the special Father voice, the deep, grave, ominous "Boys..." for them to settle down. #3 usually provides some ambiance, a little mood lighting from his collection of my lost flashlights, or from the view master projector, or maybe with a light show with the 250 laser pointer/key chain/tire gauges my Dad has given him over the years. I don't let them stay up too late, I want them to grow strong and healthy plus I don't want them grumpy the next day, but often I will sit at my desk and simply listen to them, listen to the low hushed voices in the dark, listen to the murmurs slow, quiet, and drift away. I don't hear or understand most of what they say (yugiohbionicle what huh?) but what is important is that they are together, healthy and safe, growing and building memories of how special is to have, and to be, a brother. They might not think of it for another 30 years, but maybe on a night such as tonight, they will, and it will be good.

And, as if on cue, one of them has started snoring. I love my boys.


twobuyfour said...

Thanks for the shout out. Your boys are wonderful. If they don't appreciate you and TMWABSILITW they will when they get a little perspective.

Tam said...

Loved your blog! You have a great feel for writing (not that I know much since I suck at English, but eh - it's a compliment!)

And I'm sure your boys will remember the giggling and talking together, I know I remember it with my sister - and it's awesome!

have a good one!

work in progress said...

Are you this amusing in person? I don't remember.

Nice post. The writing ability seems to run in the family, btw.

JK said...

But of course -- this amusing and more! Where do you think he learned it???

jane said...

Well! What a great way to wake me from my "state stupor" (I work for the state so I'm required to have that permanently dazed look on my face all day)!

I'm a brand new blogger (here) and this morning I clicked the "next blog" button and there you were in all your wonderment!

You are SO funny! Do you write professionally? You should, you know!

You made me day! Contrary to state regulations, I'll be chuckling all day thinking about this post. (The fact that I have 3 sons [and 4 grandsons] gives me a special connection to this particular post.)

Write on!

JK said...

Thanks for the compliments -- if I don't die in the next day or 2, I'll write more.