January 8, 2007

resolution revolution

No wonder I've already broken 80-90% of these... gotta put it out in the universe, right? I guess subconciously I know there's no need for resolutions, no need to improve on what's close to perfect, right? Ok, I'll add "find some humility" to the list....

It's that time of the fresh new year, time for the list of ways to make myself a better person in 2007 ...

  1. eat right, exercise more, lose weight... what?!?!? It could happen.
  2. do not buy any new books. I feel guilty when I look at the bookshelves and quickly find 5 books I haven't opened since standing in line @ the bookstore. It's like inviting friends over and not opening the front door. Well, I guess I open the door, but then stick them in the corner behind a plant or picture frame and only come by to dust once a month. So, after the current cache of gift cards are gone, no more new books until the rest are read.
  3. no more "maybe" or "we'll see" -- what kind of wishy-washy Father image is that presenting to the 3 Uglies??? They need to see decisive decision-making, strong convictions and leadership, so the answer is a simple flat-out "No" -- I don't care what they ask. May not be popular with the Boys, but it will build character.
  4. study each and every day, and complete written assignments before the last 8 hours before class.
  5. listen to more Ray Charles.
  6. Stop wasting paper plates. Those things can be washed meal after meal, and even when transparent they're still good for toast (lightly buttered).
  7. get a job. no, seriously! This homemaker deal can't go on forever, unless I start scratchin' some winning tickets....
  8. practice typing with more than 2 fingers. By '08 should be able to work up to 3 or 4, maybe even utilize these opposable thumbs.
  9. learn how to spell "opposable"
  10. ... ?

ok, that's enough to work on for now.

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twobuyfour said...

Remember, you're their father, not their friend. They have lots of friends. They need lots of "No's". Slim recently asked Thing 1 if she'd asked me about something and the response was, "Daddy said 'Maybe'. That means 'No'."

Have fun moving/packing. Wish I could be there to help. There are advantages to living 3000 miles away from one's parents.