May 9, 2007

Mr. Johnson & the Aliens

"God is 1" bigger than Grandaddy."

Um... okay. You definitely have my attention, son #3.

"God came before the aliens."

What have I been letting him watch...? Does Dora discuss extraterrestrials?

"So who made the aliens?"

"Mr. Johnson."


"Mr. Johnson, but then he died because he was old."

"Isn't God much bigger than Grandaddy? He must be big enough to make, say, an elephant?"

(much intense thought going on now. I could tell by his eyebrows.)

"Yeah, he's big. But how did he make their blood? Eeyew!"

End of conversation. He walked away, leaving me absolutely no clue as to what started the whole thing, or just who in the heck Mr. Johnson is.


twobuyfour said...

He must be thinking of Earvin Johnson. He was Magic, and he is quite a bit bigger than your father and father in-law.

I don't know that he ever "made" an alien or an elephant. That might just be urban legend.

Livvy U. said...

I love it. I'm trying not to wake up the whole house laughing.

JK said...

I've tried to surreptitiously steer him back to this, but it may have been a one time deal... another mystery of life never to be solved.