January 5, 2009

all-time top 10

Here's the one that needs a little editing... and yeah, the easy choice is kick Hall & Oates to the curb, but don't pretend you didn't groove to those sweet harmonies back in the day!

    1. "Ticket To Ride" The Beatles (1965)
    2. "The Letter" The Box Tops (1967)
    3. "Can't Find My Way Home" Blind Faith (1969)
    4. "She's Gone" Hall & Oates (1973)
    5. "Samba Pa' Ti" Santana (1974)
    6. "Jungleland" Bruce Springsteen (1975)
    7. "Telephone Line" ELO (1979)
    8. "Bad" U2 (1984)
    9. "Skyway" Replacements (1987)
    10. "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" Lenny Kravitz (2000)
    11. "The Middle" Jimmy Eat World (2001)
    12. "Maybe Tomorrow" Stereophonics (2003)

uh-oh... no Tom Petty? no Van Morrison? Angie Stone? Gonna have to work on this list...


Catherine said...

Thank you for the offer on helping with my revenge, consider yourself deputized.

As for your top 10/12, I say make it your top 100....or do like VH1 does and break up your list into genres.

Martin said...

Is it a coincidence that the list is entirely chronological?

Slim said...

We just discovered Verizon's Rhapsody. For a monthly fee you can download and a play all sorts of music.

So when you make your lists with obscure artists and or songs I've never heard of...I can look them up.

Very cool.

JK said...

No coincidence Martin, just a bit of anal compulsiveness that flares up from time to time...

SiL, I believe that's similar to Napster, which I listen to more than anything on the computers. I can listen to almost any new or old album (good for music history/appreciation lessons too, like when the boys say things like "Muddy Waters? Who?") then buy the songs I want thru iTunes for the iPods. I think Son #1's favorite phrase these days is "Dad, you should listen to (enter each day's suggestion here), they're pretty much my favorite band!"